Oilfield services

Belorusneft is engaged in oilfield services since 1966, and is now providing a complete package including new technologies and supervision. We carry out services in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador and upon request of third parties.

Belorsuneft-Siberia subsidiary company is successfully working in Russia. It provides a number of services to its partners, including drilling of exploration and production wells, sidetracking, workover and implementing EOR technologies.


Belorusneft is capable of carrying out a complete package of drilling operations from rig building to completion, drills exploration and production wells of any complexity up to TAML level 4, with depths up to 7000 m including multilateral wells with horizontal completion, multi-stage fracking  and . The company does well workover and reconditioning with hydraulic fracturing and acid treatments. Belorusneft also provides engineering services:

  • design and survey work for oilfield construction,
  • development of technologies,
  • deep well design and drilling in complex mining and geological conditions,
  • engineering support of drilling
  • mud services
  • pitless drilling


The Company’s rig fleet includes mobile and stationary modular drilling rigs with reduced rig-up time.

  • 16 upgraded Russian-made stationary rigs by Uralmash heavy machinery plant of 1300 h.p. capacity,
  • 6 rigs by Drillmec S.p.A – Seismotekhnika of 1500 h.p. capacity  
  • 2 Drillmec echelon rigs tailored for drilling in Russia with 1500 h.p.
  • 49 mobile workover rigs up to 350 h.p.
  • 19 mobile workover rigs up to 500 h.p.
  • 1 German-made 2000 h.p. rig by Bentec. 


Belorusneft rig fleet includes stationary and mobile units of modular design which with reduced rig-up time. These are upgraded Russian-made stationary rigs by Uralmash heavy machinery plant; high-capacity stationary units by a joint brand of Italian company Drillmec S.p.A and Belarusian company Seismotekhnika and German rigs by Bentec. The mobile units are manufactured in the USA, Canada, Romania, Russia and Belarus. They are equipped with a 4-step mud cleaning systems by Derrick, top drives by Bentec and Canrig, 1600 h.p. mud pumps, and 1340 - kWt diesel-electric variable frequency drives by Caterpillar.

Modern equipment by domestic producer FID Group is used for most of the oilfield servicing operations in Belorusneft fields. These include three frac fleets for hydraulic, proppant and acid fracturing, special equipment for cementing, two coiled tubing units for well repair and testing of all types under sealed wellhead pressure, nitrogen compression and nitrogen units. All equipment is used for operations in both Belarus and foreign projects.

The frac fleets operate at pressures up to 105 MPa. The setup includes pumping units, a blender, a manifold unit, a frac monitoring van, proppant, a hot oiler unit, a hydration unit.

Coiled tubing unit MK-30T is a complete set of equipment for working with CT with a diameter from 38.1 mm. One of the units is mounted on a semitrailer, the second - on an all-wheel drive (10x10) chassis. The maximum traction force of the injector is up to 366.9 kN (36,000 kg), the maximum injection pressure of the process fluid, allowed by the design is 70 MPa.

The equipment has proven itself in Belarus and foreign projects.

Belorusneft fields are a proving ground for new technologies and equipment, units for drilling and workover.

There are 14 drilling crews and 12 workover crews, 4 of them specialize in sidetracking in Belarus in 2018.

Belorusneft is offering a wide range of oilfield services to its potential partners.


Belarusian oilfield service in Russia is represented by Belorusneft-Siberia, LLC since 2007. In 2017 Belorusneft Siberia celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The company is located in Gubkinskiy city in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The company specializes in well drilling and sidetracking, well routine servicing and workover, telemetrical drilling supervision, cementing operations. Its main customers are Rosneft, GazpromNeft, NOVATEK and EvroKhim. In 2017 we have established business with several new customers – Rospan-neftegaz and Kynsko-Chaselskoye neftegaz

As of 2018 the Siberian division includes 6 drilling, 8 sidetracking and 14 workover crews.

Belorusneft-Siberia has up-to-date drilling equipment including mobile rigs with hook load ranging from 60 to 200 tons, cementing fleet and other special equipment.

Upon customer’s request Belorusneft-Siberia is ready to quickly mobilize professional staff and modern drilling rigs, including echelon (train) rigs for cluster drilling.

The company has established its own production and repair bases in Gubkinsky, and auxiliary bases in Novy Urengoy.


2012 in the Ukraine. This division specializes in drilling and workover operations and hydraulic fracturing. 
Service Oil is ready to mobilize any drilling, HF and workover equipment from Belarus. 

We have efficiently provided fracking services to KUG-GAS company at Olgovskoye field. In 2016 we are planning to carry out fracking and coiled tubing operations and radial completion.

In 2016 the work on hydraulic fracturing of the reservoir was resumed. - Works are carried out for PJSC Ukrgazvydobuvannia. In 2017, these works will be continued. in Ukraine, hydrofracturing operations were carried out, well servicing services were provided using coiled tubing, drilling wells from a rig made by Drillmec. From February 2018, we began drilling using a drilling rig Bentec with hook load of 450 tons.


Belorusneft is represented in Ecuador in oil production and oilfield services since December 2012, when our branch office was registered in this country.

In 2013 Belorusneft founded a subsidiary company in Ecuador – Service Oil Ecuador (Ecuaservoil).

Since March 2015, Ecuaservoil has been performing complex works on optimization of production, enhanced oil recovery and exploration at the Armadillo deposit (Block 55) under the contract with Petroamazonas. In accordance with the production program for 2017-2018. completed construction of 5 wells, sustained industrial oil inflows were obtained, geological potential of block 55 was proved, commercial oil production was conducted. For the period 2018-2020 years. The project plans to drill 7 operational and 1 injection wells, build a collection station and account for commercial oil, and build a crude oil pipeline.