Republican affiliated unitary enterprise Belorusneft-Neftechimproject (State enterprise Belorusneft-Neftechimproject)

State Enterprise Belorusneft- Neftekhimprojeсt is a project organization, which has many years of experience in the design of petroleum storage depots, refueling, refueling and gas stations, service stations, car parks, multi-functional complexes, tire facilities, logistics centers.

The company is a part of Belorusneft Association since 2004.

The company specialists - architects, engineers, designers, engineers, geologists and surveyors - have extensive experience in developing projects of any complexity.

To perform the work, the company uses modern equipment and advanced technology design that allows in the shortest possible time and in a professional manner to meet customer needs.

The company provides a full range of design services for:

Industrial facilities:

- Oil storage facilities (storage tanks);

- Tank farms for industrial companies

- Oil loading-unloading skids;

- Fuel stations and multifunctional complexes;

- Service and tire fitting stations;

- Car and truck washes;

- Boiler houses and cogeneration plants;

- Facilities at which explosive mixtures may be formed;

- Gas supply and consumption systems;

- Main oil and gas pipelines and oil pipelines.

Public buildings and facilities:

- Office buildings;

- Shopping malls;

- Catering (cafe, restaurant, dining room, pantry);

- Roadside service facilities, parking areas and rest;

- Hotels, tourist complexes, camping sites and recreation centers;

- Administrative buildings.

Communication facilities:

- Microwave transmission tower;

- Technological networks, fiber-optic communication lines;

- Networks and systems of automated warning and alarm systems;

- Data centers.

Power supply facilities:

- Power supply of industrial enterprises 0.4 / 6/10/110;

- Electrical substations;

- Cable and air lines to 110 kV;

- Relay protection and automation systems;

- Automated power metering control systems.

Energy Efficient facilities with:

- Photovoltaic stations;

- Heat pumps;

- Solar collectors.

3. Consolidated-budget calculations.

4. Evaluation of the cost of construction.

5. Development of pre-design (pre-investment) documentation.

6. Geotechnical, engineering surveying, engineering and environmental surveys.

7. Inspection of buildings and structures.

8. Development of special sections of project documentation.

9. Development of environmental protection measures.

10. Designing tools and security systems.

11. Designing of automatic fire alarm systems, alarm systems, fire and evacuation management, design of automatic fire extinguishing systems, Design of smoke protection systems.

Road infrastructure:

- Transitional speed band on the road with roadside service, filling stations and other facilities;

- Engineering support of the main highways and intersections with adjacent roads;

- Security systems, video surveillance and access control;

- Traffic signalization.

Automation systems and communications:

- Process control systems (automated process control system);

- ACMS (automated commercial accounting system);

- AEMS (automated enterprise management system);

- Data transmission systems;

- Automation and dispatching devices;

- Remote control systems and communications.

The enterprise has received a special permit (license) for:

- Implementation of activities in the field of industrial safety in the design of the objects of gas distribution and gas consumption, main oil, gas and product pipelines, boiler;

- Execution of works on designing tools and protection systems;

- Perform work on the design of automatic fire alarm systems, alarm systems, fire and evacuation management, design of automatic fire extinguishing systems, Design of smoke protection systems.

To perform the design work on the territory of the Russian Federation since 2011, the company is included in the self-regulatory organization "Union of organizations performing design works in the oil and gas industry," design engineer ". Currently it completed over 10 projects for PJSC LUKOIL, OJSC Rosneft, Gazprom, HMRO Natural Sciences, JSC Kaluga plant of telegraph apparatus, LLC Belorusneft-Siberia.

The enterprise has developed and implemented the project documentation of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System.

220140, 4A Leszczynskaya Str, Minsk, Belarus.

Tel. Reception: +375 (17) 2799102.

Tel. / fax: +375 (17) 3144072.


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