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Oil and gas recovery

Belorusneft is currently producing oil and gas in 61 fields in Belarus, 1 in Ecuador, and 6 in Russia.

Our Company is interested in development of oil and gas recovery in new regions.


A special division of the Company – oil and gas production department Rechitsaneft – is in charge of oil production in Belarus.

Commercial hydrocarbon production in Belarus started in 1965 and is currently concentrated in the Pripyat Trough area (Gomel and Mogilev region). For more than 50 years of its development this area produced over 133 million tons of oil and 15 billion cubic meters of associated gas.

Most of the proven oil reserves in the Belarusian region are difficult to recover. The majority of oil and gas is produced from the largest fields such as Rechitskoye, Ostashkovichskoye, Vishanskoye and Yuzhno-Ostashkovichskoye.

Total well stock made up more than 1,000 wells, including 793 producing wells. 90 % of these wells are operated by means of mechanical method (electric submersible pumps and bottom-hole pumps). Major facilities of oil production are equipped with state-of-the-art telemetry systems. All the processes associated with production, transportation and preparation are automated.

The maximum annual oil production was achieved in 1975 and amounted to almost 8 million tons (153 kbopd). In 1976 oil production in the country decreased dramatically due to high recovery rates and reserve deterioration (major fields entered the final stage of development) and by 1997 oil production dropped to 36 kbpod. Since 2013 the annual production stabilized at 1,645 thousand tons of oil. In 2019 Belorusneft are planning to produce 1,690 thousand tons.

Major role in stabilization of oil production is attributed to activization of drilling, enhancement of efficiency and targeting of geological and technical activities with due account to detailed examination of geological structure, technical wide-scale re-equipment and introduction of new technologies like:

  • drilling of multilateral and multi-hole wells
  • multi-stage hydraulic fracturing,
  • dual completion
  • water shut off using new solutions.


Since 2013 Belorusneft started oil and gas production in Russia. In 2013 Belorusneft acquired OJSC Oil Company Yangpur. This company own license for the use of subsurface resources of Izvestinskiy license area (1,036 km2). It is loceated in Purovskiy district of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

OJSC Oil Company Yangpur – oil and gas production company which operates at 6 fields (5 of them are active at the moment).

Annual production of oil and gas condensate is about 260,000 tons, natural gas – around 290 million m3. The production potential of the company is about 610 k tons of o.e.

Belorusneft works in the region using of closed oil and gas gathering system with established schemes of sales of commercial product via the system of the OJSC Stock Company Transneft.

Solicitous attitude to environment is guiding Belorusneft in all the regions and spheres of business.

Development strategy of Belorusneft consists of prospecting of new resources and efficient development of already existing fields with introduction of new production technologies.

Belorusneft is planning to expand its presence in Russia by acquiring new assets.


In 2013 Ecuador established a subsidiary company - Service Oil Ecuador Ecuaservoil SA. Under the contract with the company Petroamazonas, one oil field is being developed - Armadillo (Block 55). In 2017-2018, 6 production wells were drilled, more than 100 thousand tons of oil were produced.

The strategic objective of the enterprise "Belorusneft" in Ecuador is to increase the efficiency of development of oil and gas deposits. Decide on their intentions by introducing new technologies in mining and rational selection of geological and technical measures.

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