Belorusneft does a full set of exploration activities and seismic exploration in Belarus and upon other requests of petroleum companies from Russia, Ecuador, Ukraine and India. 

Belorusneft has at its disposal set of modern equipment and qualified staff able to perform the whole range of operations associated with exploration and seismic exploration.


90 oil and gas condensate fields have been discovered in Belarus to date. All fields are located within the Pripyat Trough in the south-east of the country.

65 of these fields are under exploration at the moment. More than 96 % of Belarusian production is made up by 25 fields. Almost half of all remaining recoverable reserves of the company are located within 3 largest fields: Rechitskoye, Ostashkovichskoye, Vishanskoye. More than 58% of enterprise’s accumulated production accounts for these fields.

By using up-to-date geological and seismic exploration methods Belorusneft and Belgeologiya experts discovered 27 oilfields and 77 reservoirs of hydrocarbons from 2002 to 2020 in the well-explored Belarusian region. Over the same period Belorusneft put on the books 37 exploration targets.

Belorusneft experts are constantly working on replenishing petroleum resources and replacing 100% of depleted reserves by newly discovered commercial ones. In 2020, Belorusneft updated its Prospecting and Exploration Program for Pripyat Trough for 2020-2024 which now includes more exploration drilling and seismic acquisition.

That is why follow-up exploration of existing deposits and increase of oil recovery factor are of the highest priority.  Special attention is paid to using up-to-date technologies and unconventional approaches to exploration and prospecting.

We are conducting research aimed at finding unconventional reservoirs.

Search and exploration at Belorusneft is done by:

  • Department of field seismic operations;
  • Svetlogorsk drillingoperations department;
  • Belarusian Oil Research and Design Institute (BelNIPIneft)

Belorusneft experts from these subdivisions carry out a full set of exploration operations – from field seismic acquisition, seismic data processing and interpretation, building geological and dynamic models to preparing integrated solutions for exploration and development oil and gas wells drilling methods are elaborated.

Core processing, studies and storage Center

In 2015 Belorusneft opened a Center for study, processing and storage of core material, which was created not only for long-term storage and preservation of core samples under optimal conditions, but primarily as a modern platform for comprehensive core studies.

The results of the core studies are critical for evaluating petroleum reservoir choose its development strategy.

Laboratory studies of rock samples provide a massive amount of information that allows us to describe complex reservoir nature and understand its structure which is necessary for solving a wide range of challenges related to reservoir geology and development:

  • building geological and simulation models
  • petrophysical correlations
  • reserves calculation
  • testing of reservoir stimulation methods for EOR and hydraulic fracturing
  • field development challenges at different stages
  • unconventional reservoir development (tight and shale oil)
  • geological exploration, etc.

By now, the program of outfitting the Core Center with new modern laboratory equipment from leading manufacturers has been successfully implemented in the following areas: core preliminary preparation, logging to core tie, photographic documentation of rock core samples in daylight and ultraviolet light, standard and special studies, geochemical, geomechanical, mineralogical, X-ray tomographic studies.

Having a modern laboratory complex for core studies allows Belorusneft to not only enter the international market of corresponding services, but also to independently develop and improve innovative research, such studying complex, unconventional, low-permeability reservoir rocks; creating a digital core storage and much more. 

The company carries out the following seismic exploration operations:

  • 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С acquisition design;
  • Topographic and geodesic services;
  • Land 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic data recording;
  • Shothole drilling;
  • Vibroseismic  acquisition;
  • Refraction wave VSP survey;
  • Geophysical equipment repair and technical support;
  • Transport support of seismic operations;
  • Seismic exploration QC;
  • Supervision.

Belorusneft specialists have experience in 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic exploration. We design and implement high-density WAZ acquisition with both explosive and non-explosive sources.


For exploration Belorusneft uses state-of-the-art equipment and technologies:

  • special software package MESA with further adaptation of created projects to changes occurring in the course of project implementation;
  • satellite navigation systems R-7, R-8 GNSS, TRIMBLE M3 tacheometers;
  • wheel-mounted mobile drilling stations URB 2А-2;
  • full-track mobile drilling stations URB-4T-2, УГБ-001;
  • vibration sources CB-30/120H, equipped with electronic control devices VE464 SERCEL;
  • 428XL telemetry system with field equipment set FDU, DSU-3 and explosion synchronizing system;
  • borehole investigation stations AMTS-VSP-3-48;
  • Echos 15.5, SQC Pro, SPW, MESA software. 

Seismic data processing and interpretation

Processing and interpretation of seismic exploration data acquired in Belarus and in foreign projects is done in Seismic Operations Center (SOC) in Belarusian Scientific Research and Design Institute of Oil BelNIPIneft located in Gomel.

The center is fitted with modern equipment, Intel Xeon-based servers, connected by high-powered Infiniband bus into a calculating cluster. All the software is installed at Hi-End graphic stations. Processing results and the original seismic data are kept in a special 400 Tb data storage.


Seismic data processing:

  • Echos-15.5;
  • GeoDepth (Power 2D/3D);
  • GeoDepth (3D MIG_CT);
  • 3D Kirchhoff PSTM NexGen;
  • 3D Kirchhoff PSDM NexGen;
  • 2D pre-stack Kirchhoff & fx depth migrations – NexGen;
  • 3D grid tomo- nexgen;
  • Full azimuth anisotropic tomography;
  • Tomo facilitator;
  • Seismic Studio;
  • FlatIrons.

Sstructural interpretation of seismic data:

  • Petrel 2016, SeisEarth XV, iMap.

Dynamic interpretation:

  • AVO inversions, Probe, Fastvel, Vanguard, Stratimagic analyses and modeling, IFP Inversion, ComprehensiveAttr, SeisFacies, VoxelGeo.


In 2016 our company fulfilled office seismic study 3D in the amount of 433 km2 for Severneft-Urengoy LLC, aimed at detailed elaboration of geological structure with forecast of porosity and permeability properties of rocks based on dynamic analysis, and 3D seismic exploration for RN-Stavropolneftegaz JSC in the amount of 185 km2.

Latin America

Belorusneft possesses team of qualified specialists and set of state-of-the-art equipment to carry out seismic exploration.


Belorusneft branch office in Ecuador was established in 2012.

Major directions of activities of Ecuador branch office are as follows: complex seismic exploration, data processing and interpretation.

In 2015, a contract was concluded with Ecuador's state-owned oil company Petroamazonas for seismic 3D surveying at an area of 1,500 square km and data processing on the perspective blocks 31 and 12.

In 2016-2017 for JSC Service Oil Ecuador we carried out desktop seismic studies 3D of 166.7 km2 at the Armadillo oilfield (Block 55), which resulted in recommendations for drilling wells.

In 2017, field and office work was completed on the 11-A block with an area of 533.21 square meters. km. This is part of the project on the seismic exploration contract with Petroamazonas, which covers blocks 11 and 18 with an area of 2,000 square kilometers.

In 2018-2019, BelNIPIneft specialists performed desk work on geological and geophysical support for the second phase of drilling, as well as updated the geological model based on the results of the second phase of drilling within the 3D survey area of block No. 55 of 166.7 km sq. The results will be used to select strategy for the development of the Armadillo field and further exploration of Block No. 55.

In 2021, a joint re-processing, structural and dynamic interpretation of 3D seismic survey data is planned within the Armadillo and Cononaco areas.


In June 2015, Belorusneft and the Indian company Oil India Limited signed a memorandum of understanding and an agreement on confidentiality. In 2017, Belarusian specialists completed complex works to increase oil recovery in the Digboi field. This is one of the oldest oilfields in the world, producing oil since 1889. The successful completion of this project allowed Belorusneft in 2017 to win a tender for the implementation of a similar project - to increase oil recovery. This time at the Chabua field. In 2018 the contract will be completed.

The Belorusneft enterprise is ready to cooperate in the field of oil recovery enhancement, oil service as with the state oil companies of India - Oil India Limited, ONGC and other interested companies of the country.


Belorusneft is evaluating the seismic survey market in Ukraine as a promising one. The enterprise in 2017 began to perform field and cameral 3D seismic operations at several fields in Ukraine. The proximity of the region allows us to quickly mobilize qualified personnel, equipment and equipment. The total area of work is about 600 square meters. km. 

In 2018, we completed 485 sq. km of 3D field seismic acquisition, as well as processing and interpretation of 101.7 sq. km. of seismic data

In 2019, we completed 180 sq. km of 3D field seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation of 518 sq. km of seismic data and 55 sq. km. accordingly.

In 2020, processing and interpretation of 3D seismic materials in the volume of 258 sq. km. was performed.

In 2021 we plan are to do 400 sq. km. of 3D field seismic acquisition, with processing and interpretation of 180 sq. km of seismic data.