Transshipment and storage of liquefied gases

Features of gas-filling terminal "Svisloch"

Since 2008, the terminal provides transloading, storage and customs clearance of liquefied petroleum gas.

The owner: "Production Association Belorusneft".


• The Republic of Belarus, Svisloch district, pos. Kobylniki, 12.3 km from the Belarusian-Polish border (Railway station is Svisloch, railway code is 135602.);

• Nearest railway border crossing - Svisloch / Semyanuvka;

• the nearest border crossing for motor vehicles - Kozlovichi / Kukuryki.

Tank battery: 1400 m³ (7 tanks of 200 cubic meters), which is equivalent to 670 tons of LPG.

Railroad tracks and trestle reception / release of LPG:

 - Track 1520 mm (6 posts, unloading 300-400 tons of gas per day, 14 tankers on the roads at the same time);

 - Track 1 435mm (6 posts unloading 480-500 tons of gas per day, 12 tankers on the roads at the same time);

• loading of six railway tanks takes 4 - 5 hours;

• equipment of commercial account of gas «SKID»;

• rail and truck scales, automated equipment of accounting for the release of LPG.

Car filling: 3 places of loading, load time 1-3 tanks - 1.5 hours, the number of tanks per day - up to 18 pcs. (200-320 tons).

The advantages of working with the terminal:

• submission of customs declarations in electronic format in the remote access mode (without visiting the customs clearance point);

• accredited laboratory chemical analysis;

• proximity to the European market;

• willingness to enter into long-term contracts for LPG transshipment and customs clearance.

Contact Information:

1) Ivan Malahov - Head of the export and import of oil and gas products,

tel: + 375-232-79-33-53;

2) Isachenko Petr - Senior specialist of the Department of export-import of crude oil, oil products and gas processing products,


tel: + 375-232-79-36-45.