Oilfield services

Exploration and production drilling with stationary and echelon rigs: 

  • German-made 2000 h.p. rigs by Bentec with max drilling depth of 7 000 meters.
  • Rigs by Drillmec S.p.A – Seismotekhnika. 
  • mobile rigs by Drillmec S.p.A and Seismotekhnika JSC with 250-ton hook load and max drilling depth of 4000 meters.

  • rigs with variable frequency electric drives,  top drives, 4-stage cleaning systems manufactured by Derrick / Mi Swaco, 1,600 h.p. mud pumps, and 1,000 kW Mitsubishi diesel generators.

  • Upgraded Russian-made stationary rigs 3D-86(76) by Uralmash heavy machinery plant with 1300 h.p. capacity and max drilling depth of 5 000 meters, average age – 9 years. Rigs have modular design and  are equipped with variable-frequency electric drives, top drive system, 4-stage Derrick/Mi Swaco mud cleaning system, 1180 – 1600 h.p. mud pumps, Caterpillar diesel generators and  power units.

Sidetracking using mobile drilling rigs:

  • АРС-100, АРС-125, АРС-140 by Seismotekhnika, Belarus;
  • HRI-300 (USA);
  • TD-125 (Romania).

Well workover and servicing with rigs:

– АРС 32/40, УПА-60А, А-50М, А-60/80, УПА-60/80, АП-80, АП-80А by Seismotekhnika, Belarus

  • Well interventions including hydraulic fracturing with mobile frac fleets (3 available) having max working pressure up to 130 MPa;
  • Casing cementing and plugging. Dry cement mixtures preparation at the facility using double-pump cementing unit Н1000С-10 with continuous cement preparation and injection system;
  • Well servicing and  completion using coiled tubing units МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 29/36 tons and drum capacity with the tube of 38, 1 mm– 5 300 m.
  • Sidetracking using an МК-30Т coiled tubing unit with injector traction pull of 36 tons fitted with 50 mm tube and a directional drilling system
  • Sidetracking at coiled tubing unit МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 36 tons fitted with 50 mm tube and directional drilling system;
  • Creating a network of fluid flow channels using patented SKIF © technology;
  • Circulating fluids related services;
  • Geologic-geophysical supervision of the drilling and geophysical and pressure transient analyses;
  • Flowback operation using nitrogen and nitrogen-compressor evaporation units of A-100 model;
  • Derrick building;
  • Salt saturated slime and waste mud recycling;
  • Coiled tubing fitting with logging cable;
  • Onshore seismic acquisition 

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