Exploration. Seismic acquisition

  • 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic surveys:
  • 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic survey Using MESA 9 software;
  • quality control and preprocessing at the site of field operations using SPW, FOCUS 5.1., ECHOS 1.1. software;
  • topographic and geodetic support of seismic acquisition;
  • technical support of telemetric complexes 428XL used with a set of field equipment FDU with 7600 and DSU-3 with 9900 seismic channels;
  • VSP using ВСП АМЦ-ВСП-3-48 survey unit;
  • field seismic operations supervision;
  • Integrated processing and interpretation of geologic and geophysical data using computer systems, fitted with software by Schlumberger and Paradigm Geophysical;
  • Building databases for G&G and production data;
  • Forecasting hydrocarbon reservoirs in the local formations (structural and non-structural);
  • Determining optimum drilling scope;
  • Reserve calculation and recovery factor substantiation;
  • 24/7 geologic well investigations and petrophysical rock properties analysis;
  • core samples reception and primary preparation;
  • laboratory core studies;
  • lithological and sedimentological studies;
  • microseismic frac monitoring.

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