Design services are provided by two Belorusneft Institutes - BelNIPIneft and Belorusneft-Neftekhimproekt.


1. Implementation of the functions of the general designer

2. Development of all sections of the project documentation for construction objects 1-4 grades of complexity:

Industrial facilities:

- oil fields, including their infrastructure and facilities;

- plum-loading platforms;

- Filling stations and multifunctional complexes;

- mini-boiler houses;

- objects on which formation of explosive environments is possible;

- gas supply and gas consumption systems;

- trunk oil, gas pipelines and oil product pipelines.

Objects and communications structures:

- technological networks, fiber-optic communication lines;

- networks and systems of automated warning and alarm systems;

- Data centers.

Power supply objects:

- power supply to industrial enterprises 0,4 / 6/10 kV;

- electrical substations;

- cable and overhead lines up to 10 kV;

- AMR systems.

Objects of road infrastructure:

- transitional-speed lanes at the exits from roadside service facilities, gas stations and other facilities;

- engineering support of main highways and intersections with adjacent roads.

Automation, telemechanics and communication systems:

- automated process control systems (automated process control systems);

- ASKU (automated systems of commercial accounting);

- data transmission systems;

- Automation and dispatching of devices;

- Telecontrol and communication systems;

- security systems, video surveillance and access control.

Energy efficient facilities using:

- photovoltaic stations;

- heat pumps;

- solar collectors.

3. Compilation of summary estimates.

4. Estimating the cost of construction.

5. Development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation.

6. Engineering-geological, engineering-geodetic and engineering-ecological surveys.

7. Inspection of buildings and structures.

8. Development of special sections of project documentation.

9. Development of measures for the protection of the environment.

10. Performance of works on designing of means and systems of protection.

11. Execution of works on the design of automatic fire alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation control systems, the design of automatic fire extinguishing systems, the design of smoke protection systems.

12. Performing calculations for the provision (assessment) of fire safety


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  1. General design contractor services (certificate of conformity No. 0001610-GP by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the 1-st category).
  2. Engineering surveys for construction objects of the first-fourth classes of complexity: work as part of engineering and geodetic surveys (certificate of conformity No. 0000547 by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the first category).
  3. Engineering surveys for construction objects of the first-fourth classes of complexity: works as part of the work of engineering and geological surveys, engineering and environmental surveys (certificate of compliance No. 0000290 by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the third category)
  4. Inspection of buildings and structures (building structures of buildings and structures) (certificate of conformity No. 0000369 by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the first category).
  5. Development of sections of project documentation for construction projects of the first-fourth classes of complexity (certificate of compliance No. 0003418-PR by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the first category):
  • master plan;
  • architectural solutions;
  • design documentation;
  • construction solutions;
  • internal engineering equipment, internal networks and systems:
    - heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
    - cold supply, except for potentially dangerous objects;
    - water supply and sewerage;
    - power supply, power electrical equipment and electric lighting;
    - automation, with the exception of potentially dangerous objects;
    - gas supply systems, with the exception of potentially hazardous facilities;
  • outdoor networks and systems:
    - heat supply;
    - water supply and sewerage;
    - power supply;
    - gas supply networks, with the exception of potentially hazardous facilities;
    - engineering and technical measures of civil defense, prevention of emergency situations;
  • environmental protection. 

6. Implementation of activities in the field of industrial safety (special permit (license) No. 33133/3555-1) in terms of:

  • design (development of the technological section) of boiler houses;
  • design of gas distribution and gas consumption facilities;
  • objects of main oil and gas pipelines, oil products pipelines;
  • technical devices operated at potentially hazardous facilities and production facilities with chemical, physical-and-chemical, physical processes, where the formation of explosive environments is possible, which include explosive process units with a relative energy potential of more than 9 (pumps and pumping units; compressors and compressor units;
  • steel tanks with a volume of 5 thousand m3 or more for the storage of explosive and fire-hazardous products, including internal devices;
  • devices of technological processes of chemical production (reactors of various types, heat exchangers of various types, separators, evaporators, distillation and absorption columns, drying and filtering installations, mixers, crystallizers);
  • automatic control and emergency protection systems based on electronic computing and (or) microprocessor technology;
  • industrial pipe fittings).

7. Fire safety activities (special permit (license) No. 02300/3561) in terms of designing automatic fire alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, smoke protection systems, fire warning systems and evacuation management.

8. Security activities (special permit (license) No. 02010/19855 issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus) in terms of designing security equipment and systems.

9. Development of projects of technological processes and industries, where the formation of explosive atmospheres (objects and industries of chemical, petrochemical and refining industries that contain technological blocks 2 and 3 categories of explosion). 

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