We offer a wide range of oil production, exploration and oilfield services along with scientific and technical support and design. Belorusneft has state-of-the art equipment and technologies required for delivering top-quality services.

Oil production

Belarusian service in Russia is represented by Belorusneft-Siberia, LLC. The company is located in Gubkin city in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The company specializes in well drilling and sidetracking, well routine servicing and workover, telemetrical drilling supervision, cementing operations, engineering and technical supervision of drilling muds. Its main customers are Rosneft, GazpromNeft, NOVATEK and EvroKhim.

Belorusneft-Siberia has up-to-date drilling equipment including mobile rigs with hook load ranging from 60 to 160 tons, cementing fleet and other special equipment. The enterprise has established its own production and repair bases in Gubkinsky and Noyabrsk towns, and auxiliary bases in Muravlenko and Tarko-Sale.

Having considerable experience in oil production we offer cooperation in Russia.

Preferred forms of Belorusneft project participation: 

  • Acquisition of producing fields with proven oil resources from 5 to 50 mln tones;
  • Large oil field farm-in. 

Tel.: +375 (232) 79-32-37 

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Exploration. Seismic acquisition

  • 2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic surveys:

–2D, 3D, 2D/3C, 3D/3С seismic survey Using MESA 9 software;

– quality control and preprocessing at the site of field operations using SPW, FOCUS 5.1., ECHOS 1.1. software;

– topographic and geodetic support of seismic acquisition;

– technical support of telemetric complexes 428XL used with a set of field equipment FDU with 7600 and DSU-3 with 9900 seismic channels;

– VSP using ВСП АМЦ-ВСП-3-48 survey unit;

– field seismic operations supervision.

Tel.: +375 (2340) 5-28-31.

  • Integrated processing and interpretation of geologic and geophysical data using computer systems, fitted with software by Schlumberger and Paradigm Geophysical;
  • Building databases for G&G and production data;
  • Forecasting hydrocarbon reservoirs in the local formations (structural and non-structural);
  • Determining optimum drilling scope;
  • Reserve calculation and recovery factor substantiation;
  • 24/7 geologic well investigations and petrophysical rock properties analysis.

Tel.: +375 (232) 71-30-60, 79-32-31(fax).

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Oilfield services

Exploratory and production drilling with stationary rigs:

19 upgraded Russian-made stationary rigs by Uralmash heavy machinery plant with 1300 h.p. capacity, 6. rigs by Drillmec S.p.A – Seismotekhnika incl. 2 echelon rigs tailored for drilling in Russia with 1500 h.p. capacity and 1 German-made 2000 h.p. rig by Bentec. 

And mobile rigs:

19 units for workover and routine servicing with the capacity ranging from 330 to 540 h.p. made in Russia and Belarus. 4 rigs for drilling and workover made in the USA, Romania and Belarus.

  • Well intervention including hydraulic fracturing with mobile frac units having max working pressure up to 130 MPa;
  • Casing cementing and plugging. Dry cement mixtures preparation at the facility using double-pump cementing unit Н1000С-10 with continuous cement preparation and injection system;
  • Well servicing and  completion using coiled tubing units МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 29/36 tons and drum capacity with the tube of 38, 1 mm– 5 300 m.
  • Sidetracking at coiled tubing unit МК-30Т with injector traction pull of 36 tons fitted with 50 mm tube and directional drilling system;
  • Circulating fluids related services ;
  • Geologic-geophysical supervision of the drilling and geophysic and pressure transient analyses;
  • Flowback operation using nitrogen and nitrogen-compressor evaporation units of A-100 type;
  • Derrick building;
  • Salt saturated slime and waste mud recycling.

Tel.: +375 (232) 79-35-62, 79-32-75 (fax).

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Scientific and technological support and engineering

  • 2D/3D seismic survey designing;
  • Outlining and preparing deep targets for drilling by seismic exploration and geologic structure analysis;
  • Designing of prospective and exploration drilling;
  • Processing, structural and amplitude interpretation of 2D and 3D and VSP survey data using modern software (by Paradigm, UNIVERSE), servers on Intel Xeon, connected with broadband Infiniband bus into a calculating cluster (all the software is installed on the Hi-End graphic stations, all the processing effects are placed in special data storage of 150 Tb capacity);
  • Oil and gas reserves calculation and audit;
  • Technical and economical assessment of oil recovery factor;
  • Calculating reserve depletion and determining the remaining reserves location ;
  • Deep-well designing for difficult geological environment;
  • Production engineering and engineering supervision of drilling;
  • Deep multi-lateral well completion and workover, sidetracking up to TAML level 4;
  • Production engineering and engineering supervision of preparation and drilling mud cleaning and pitless drilling;
  • Designing, analyzing and optimizing oil and gas field development including project and author’s supervision of well interventions and enhanced oil recovery operations;
  • Development of geologic and hydrodynamic models of oil and gas accumulations;
  • Innovations in the sphere of oil hydrogeology and lythohydrochemistry;
  • Artificial lift analysis and optimization;
  • Introduction of new technologies for completion and workover of multi-lateral wells using downhole equipment and coiled tubing, hydraulic and acid fracturing operations design and implementation, polyindicator formation tests, extensive and selective reservoir stimulation;
  • Production engineering and engineer supervision of recovery, survey and industrial oil processing using chemicals;
  • Development and application of different control systems of oil recovery, industrial data survey and registration, engineering supervision and service;
  • Lab studies of downhole recombined samples of formation fluids under pressure up to 100 MPa, degassed oil, asphalten-paraffin deposits, associated gases, oil products at PVT FLUID EVAL, Mettler Toledo, Oxford Instruments, Thermo Electron Corporation, Tanaka SL, Walter Herzog GmbH, and other equipment.;
  • Formation and associated water analyses, including microelement analyses by HELC method at Agilent 1200, Agilent 6410, Agilent 7890 equipment and ion chromatography (ion chromatograph Dionex ICS-3000), quantity and size determination of suspended particles by laser diffraction method (laser particle analyzer Horiba LA-950);
  • Examination and selection of chemical design for water shut-off, production enhancement, oil production intensification using rotary rheometer Physica MCR 301 Anton Paar, tensiometer Kruss K 100 МК2, KRUSS DSA 100 E, SVT 20N, DataPhysics Instruments GmbH, texturometer for particular conditions of a deposit;
  • Design of the project for filling stations and bulk plants construction and modernization;
  • Field facilities design;
  • Process control system design and implementation;
  • Environment protection related services.

Tel.: +375 (232) 71-30-60, 79-37-47, 79-32-31 (fax).

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  • Elaboration of all the sections of project documentation for hazardous facilities: bulk plants, NGV filling stations and their infrastructure, motor filling stations providing a package of services, café and shop;
  • System engineering of gas supply for housing settlements, industrial enterprises, gas-distributing stations;
  • Boiler-houses designing;
  • Elaboration of special sections of project documentation;
  • Environmental measures elaboration;
  • Fire safety measures elaboration;
  • Process control system works regulating oil establishments functioning: ranging from projects designing, pre-commissioning activities before specialists training, that use and supervise process control system;
  • Engineering surveying;
  • Diagnostic studies and measurements;
  • Energy-efficient objects planning (photovoltaic facilities, thermo compressors, solar collectors);
  • Designing of objects for storage, transportation and sale of oil products and liquefied hydrocarbon gases in the Russian Federation;
  • Operating as a General designer company.

Tel.: +375 (17) 393-02-29, +375 (17) 393-02-10 (fax). 

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Industrial Services

State enterprise Belorusneft-Promservice provides a wide-range of industrial services.

 +maintenance of electric equipment

  • distribution networks;
  • substations, overhead and cable lines;
  • external and internal lighting systems and networks;
  • protection relay and automation (PRA);
  • frequency converter (including their adjustment).

 +electric measurements and electric tests


  • in electric installations;
  • resistance of isolation of cable and other lines;
  • communication devices;
  • test of the efficiency of cathodic protection station.


  • excess voltage;
  • electric tools and movable electric equipment;
  • power transformers;
  • isolation of instruments with isolated handles.

 +maintenance of the service of automation systems and measurement means

  • dispatch and automated systems of centralized management (MICS, ASEPTRK, SCADA, AMS TP);
  • automation means;
  • test of the safety automation and adjustment of boiler houses;
  • repair of electronic devices and modules;
  • maintenance of safety devices and overload limiters of hoisting machines;
  • diagnostics and repair of autonomous heaters.

 +maintenance of safety systems

  • automated fire alarm;
  • automated fire extinguishing system, smoke protection, fire alarm and evacuation control;
  • security means and systems;
  • gas detectors.

 +maintenance and repair of refrigerating equipment

  • industrial refrigerating equipment;
  • trade refrigerating equipment;
  • household refrigerators.

 +maintenance and report of ventilation systems (air conditioning)

  • natural and induced ventilation;
  • conduct of aerodynamic tests, certification of ventilation systems;
  • regular check of the compliance of smoke protection systems;
  • adjustment and commissioning works of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • maintenance of chillers and air conditioners.

 +maintenance and repair of heat equipment

  • 24-hour maintenance of boiler units;
  • routine maintenance and repair of boiler equipment;
  • operational test of boilers and desalinization systems;
  • maintenance of heat and water supply and water disposal systems;
  • maintenance and repair of gas equipment.

 +tank battery maintenance

  • check of tanks;
  • calibration of pipelines.

 +metrological support of the enterprise

  • repair and check of pressure, temperature measurements means;
  • check of flow measurement means;
  • repair, check, calibration of measurement means in specialized organizations.

     Phone.: +375 (2340) 5-25-57, 5-21-97, 5-21-73, 4-15-46 (fax), 5-23-66 (fax)