Petroleum sales

The crude oil produced by Belorusneft is exported and refined at the oil refineries of the country.

Belorusneft sales network of oil and oil products is the largest in the republic. Joint company share at home market of light oil makes up about 70%.

Subsidiary enterprises specializing in oil supply function in all regions and the capital of the republic. They possess 26 oil product storage warehouse, 3 gas-filling stations, more 570 petrol stations, of which more 220 sell autogas

Centralized supply system ensures availability of the fuel of European quality standards at every filling station of proprietary network of the company.

More about filling station network.

The producer of liquefied automobile gas in the republic is Belarusian gas processing plant, which is a Belorusneft business unit.

Belarusian gas processing plant processes associated gas produced in Belarusian fields, and imported hydrocarbon raw materials – natural gas liquids.

Belorusneft guarantees high quality of its products.

A system of constant quality control of motor fuel through the network of accredited laboratories at bulk plants has been organized. Such monitoring eliminates the possibility of deficient oil product sales.

Our company specializes in wholesale trade of all petrol types, diesel, jet, heating oil, gas products, raw petrol for pyrolyses, benzole, paraxylene and sulphuric acid.

The oil products are sold in large and small wholesale lots delivered by railway or automobile transport. The park of proper gas tank truck and propane truck enables delivery of up to three fuel types at a time with minimum transportation charges, ensures smooth delivery of oil products to the consumers.

Oil product export is carried out through CJSC Belarusian Oil Company, with Belorusneft being one of its founders.

The exporter of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is Production Association Belorusneft.

Primary oil products export markets are Ukraine, Russia, Baltic states, Hungary, Poland. Gas is exported primarily to Poland and Ukraine.

There are enterprises in Ukraine and Poland, specializing in petrol, diesel fuel and liquefied gas trade.

Our partners:
OJSC Mozyr refinery
CJSC «Belarusian Oil Company»