Belorusneft Gas Processing Plant products and exports technical propane and individual hydrocarbon fractions: normal butane, isobutane, normal pentane, and isopentane by railway and automobile transport.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send us the following information:

  • product name;
  • required annual volume;
  • type of transportation from the plant (railway or automobile);
  • your contact information.

We will be happy to provide you with any further information you may require. For any questions, please contact:

Malakhov Ivan – chief of department of export-import of crude oil, oil products and gas processing products. Tel: +375 232 79 33 53.

Sales of liquified gas

Belorusneft supplies liquefied gas of PBA grade (STB 2262-2012), produced by the Belarusian gas processing plant by automobile and railway transportation directly from the plant (Rechitsa) or from gas-filling stations in Polotsk and Svisloch (reference to GFS PA “Belorusneft” subsection).

For more details about tenders, shipping periods, payments terms, currency of price and payment, product price and other terms see in Section “Current offers”.

Oil products sales in Ukraine

BNK-Ukraine, LLC is ready to supply diesel fuel of the European standard EN 590 ecological class Euro-4 and Euro-5, auto-gasoline Аi-92 and Аi-95-Euro (according to Euro-5 standard), manufactured by Mozyr Oil Refinery, JSC to Ukraine by automobile transportation, and also Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) of the mark PBA (STB 2262-2012), produced by the Belarusian gas processing plant by automobile and railway transportat.

Director General: Evgeni Pospelov.
Address: 48, 50a Zhilyanskaya Street, 01033, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Phone: +38 (044) 594-92-82;
fax: +38 (044) 594-92-83;


Export sales of liquified gas

The seller LPG from resources of Republican Unitary Enterprise “Production Association “BELORUSNEFT” with delivery to Poland, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic is «Beloil Polska» Sp. z o.o. registered in Warszawa, Republic of Poland. Concerning purchase LPG for delivery to the above-mentioned countries it is necessary to contact Beloil Polska Sp. z o.o.: 

ul. Leshno 12, 01-192 WarsawRepublic of Poland;
Tel. +48 (22) 622 03 64, 622 05 63, fax.: (48 22) 891 00 24;
The chairman of the board — Sergey Kuzavkov.