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08 July 2019
Multistage breakthrough

A new promising well is flowing in Yangpur. And all this thanks to the use of new oil production technology – an 8-stage fracturing. The 837th Izvestinskaya well still produces about 40 tons of oil per day. ... More

08 July 2019
From idea to implementation

Belorusneft summed up the competition for the best rationalization proposal. The commission evaluated them according to several criteria: relevance, complexity of solving a technical problem, economic effect. ... More

28 June 2019
Answer to citizens’ appeal

Information on fuel prices and discounts. 1. Liquefied petroleum gas of the PBA (autogas) brand, sold through the network of Belorusneft filling stations, is produced at the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant. ... More

24 June 2019
A gas station that began the history

After reconstruction, a milestone gas filling station has opened in Rechitsa. We are talking about gas station number 22. It was built in 1997. With it, the Belarusian oil industry began to form the country's largest network of gas stations. ... More

24 June 2019
Oilmen sat at their desks

Coiled tubing workshop for Belarusian oilmen from ICoTA-Russia. In order to develop the oil service, Belorusneft is turning to experts recognized in this matter, including experience and knowledge. And learn. For example, during workshops. ... More