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14 January 2022
Production upgrade

One of the sections at the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant has been upgraded. We are talking about the hydrocarbon propellant production department in the gas processing area. The project is aimed at more thorough cleaning of isopentane fraction from sulphur compounds. ... More

10 January 2022
Drillers' records

Belorusneft has the best penetration result in its 55-year history. Svetlogorsk drilling department finished the year with the absolute record of penetration in the last 55 years. According to preliminary data its value is impressive - more than 167,500 meters of rocks. ... More

10 January 2022
Corporate calendar

Belorusneft recognized with gifts the winners of the competition "We create a calendar together. Version 2022". The company got a new tradition - to create a corporate calendar by the efforts of its employees. The social network i.neft. ... More

24 December 2021
Southern region

Belarusian oilmen expand the territory of search for hydrocarbons in the country. The southern direction for various reasons fell out of sight of specialists. At first it was due to unsuccessful search for oil. ... More

24 December 2021
Holiday mood

Filling stations of the national branded network are ready to welcome the New Year. ... More