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22 July 2021
New format

The first Belorusneft gas station in brand new design was opened in Gomel for the first time in the country. A super-modern gas station appeared at the city exit. The update took 4.5 months instead of standard 7, but this did not affect the quality of construction work in any way. ... More

19 July 2021
Flowing well

A new well with a flow rate of over 100 tons per day was drilled by Belorusneft specialists. We are talking about the exploration well No. 1 of the Nurgaleyevsky field of Belorusneft. By Belarusian standards such daily production is considered. ... More

19 July 2021
"We are together!!!"

Corporate festival of Belorusneft was held in a new format. The festival "We are together!!!" brought together 800 participants from all divisions and subsidiaries of Belorusneft. The event at Belorusneft has already become a tradition and was held for the fifth time. ... More

07 July 2021
A rational solution

Belorusneft has achieved reliability and quality of power supply to oil production facilities. Specialists of the Head Office Energy Department of Belorusneft and Oil and Gas Production Department Rechitsaneft proposed and implemented an effective solution - automatic voltage regulator – AVR. ... More

07 July 2021
Youth tourist festival

The main topic was the landmark date that is the 55th anniversary of Belorusneft. A large-scale creative and sport event takes place every two years. It is organized by the administration and the United Trade Union Organization of Belorusneft, as well as the Council of Young Workers. ... More