Production upgrade

1/14/22 11:00 AM

One of the sections at the Belarusian Gas Processing Plant has been upgraded.

We are talking about the hydrocarbon propellant production department in the gas processing area. The project is aimed at more thorough cleaning of isopentane fraction from sulphur compounds. All operations were carried out on the basis of the existing equipment of the department.

The modernization enables the plant to manufacture one of its products – isopentane fraction of A grade – with a higher quality. The BGPP now produces hydrocarbon propellants with the mass fraction of total sulphur not exceeding 0.001%. Such indicators will increase the level of competitiveness of this type of product in the market and will give the enterprise an economic effect in the form of additional income. Estimated capacity of new isopentane fraction purification plant is almost 53 thousand tons per year.