Northern vector

6/22/20 8:58 AM

The company Yangpur plans to double gas production in YANAO.

The Northern subsidiary of Belorusneft produces 2.55 million cubic meters of natural gas and 200 tons of gas condensate per day. This is a record volume. The main share of production accounts for Metelnoye oilfield. For example, in may 2020, the daily production of natural gas in this area reached 2.4 million cubic meters, and condensate-190 tons. On Metelnoye oilfield in 2016, received the first commercial inflow of gas-condensate mixture. With the discovery of the reserves of this field, a new round of development of the company's gas business began. Research and evaluation of promising deposits were accompanied by the formation of infrastructure. Three years ago, the first stage of the gas treatment and stabilization unit was put into operation. Large-scale development of the Metelnoye field began a year ago.

It is expected that in 2020, the volume of production from Yangpur will grow at least twice compared to last year and will amount to more than 700 million cubic meters of gas and 80 thousand tons of gas condensate.