New poultry houses

8/5/20 9:31 AM

In Belorusneft-Osobino increase the production of poultry meat.

An upgrade of 4 poultry houses at once will allow twice as many birds to be placed on the same area. And the volume of production in Belorusneft-Osobino will grow to 60 thousand tons per year. Modernization of poultry houses began in February, and six months later it was officially opened. Only the longitudinal walls of the old buildings remain. The main change is that the floor content of broilers was replaced with cellular content. If earlier one such aviary could accommodate 24 thousand birds, now it is twice as large. Italian equipment controls all the nuances of the microclimate, sensors detect humidity, temperature and feed volume. Moreover, all parameters are set separately for each age group. On the opening day, 172,000 chickens were relocated here.