New naming

8/18/20 2:45 PM

New deposits in Belarus were named in honor of famous geologists.

The tradition of naming oil fields started in Belorusneft many years ago. In 2020, it went on.

In the first half of this year two new fields were discovered in Khoiniki district: Severo-Omelkovshinskoye and Izbynskoye. The assets are located in the Central structural zone of the Pripyat trough.

Taking into account the huge contribution of Valery Beskopylny to the development of the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Belarus, the company decided to rename the Severo-Omelkovshchinskoye field to Beskopylnovskoye.

Izbynskoye field was renamed in Kuzminki. In honor of a highly professional geologist and a Real Man Stanislav Kuzminsky.