New equipment

11/23/20 1:55 PM

Oilmen purchased forwarders to speed up the construction of the Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline.

We are talking about two machines of the Belarusian manufacturer - Amkodor 2662 forwarders. They are primarily intended for loading and unloading operations, sorting and storage of wood. Also, the machines can be used for collecting, loading and transporting assortments and other round timber on the territory of cutting areas, portages and logging roads.

In the Amkodor holding these machines were upgraded specifically for Belorusneft.

The equipment was improved, first of all, for the construction of the Gomel-Gorki oil pipeline. Both forwarders have been retrofitted with additional platforms, on which our specialists have placed diesel generator sets, replaceable cassettes for gas cylinders, welding and auxiliary equipment. Also, the units are equipped with cargo hooks for lifting and lowering the tent with an automated orbital welding complex.