Drillers' records

1/10/22 8:40 AM

Belorusneft has the best penetration result in its 55-year history.

Svetlogorsk drilling department finished the year with the absolute record of penetration in the last 55 years. According to preliminary data its value is impressive - more than 167,500 meters of rocks. The team achieved record results in other areas as well. Commercial speed was 1,117 m per month while the plan was 1,072 m, the record of daily penetration of the Department was updated - 1,709 m. The crew No 14 headed by the foreman Yevgeniy Prakhotskiy achieved daily penetration of 648 m at well No 604 of Rechitsa oilfield.

During the year there were drilled 14 wells with horizontal end. And not only in the development wells, but also in the exploration wells. The total length of horizontal wellbores with deviation angles of more than 76 degrees amounted to 12,173 meters. In 2021 two wells with pilot boreholes were constructed - at Marmovichi and Novo-Davydovskoye fields. 32 wells were constructed with connection to external power supply network. And in 2022 it is planned to connect 50 drilling sites.

A production program has been drawn up for 2022. 177,000 tons of rocks are to be drilled (about a third of them are exploratory wells) and 53 wells are to be constructed.