Corporate calendar

1/10/22 8:30 AM

Belorusneft recognized with gifts the winners of the competition "We create a calendar together. Version 2022".

The company got a new tradition - to create a corporate calendar by the efforts of its employees. The social network has been running the contest "We create a calendar together" for two years. The 2021 version involved the authors of photos with natural landscapes. In 2022 the task was to show the production facilities of Belorusneft through the beauty of nature. The pictures had to contain machinery, equipment, symbols, workers in uniform, and any other elements linking the photo to the positive image of the company against the background of nature, fauna and flora.

The contest received 61 photos. Photos were taken at different times of the year. The jury selected 13 of them - 12 were included in the calendar and one more became a design for a pocket calendar.

In the museum of the central office Vasiliy Strizhak, chairman of the trade-union committee of Belorusneft, Olga Fedorovich, head of the department of human resources, and Olga Kholodovich, press-secretary, presented sets of corporate calendars to the winners. They thanked the participants of the competition "We create a calendar together. Version 2022" and emphasized that now in Belorusneft there is a new tradition - each corporate calendar will be created on the basis of the company employees' photo works.