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Belarusian projects for the Russians
Branch “Belorusneft-Neftekhimproject” is ready to expand its activity in the Russian Federation.


22 June 2020
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Outstanding performance.

22 June 2020
Antivirus treatment

Employees of the Northern subsidiaries of Belorusneft participated in the disinfection of playgrounds.

22 June 2020
Bonus program "Zapravka"

Since June, the customer loyalty program at Belorusneft filling stations network has changed.

15 June 2020
Digital oilfield

Belorusneft has launched a unique project.

15 June 2020
Now also gasoline 95

Belorusneft made the first pumping of AI-95 through the Novopolotsk-Fanipol oil pipeline.

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