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Three million tons
“Belorusneft” has extracted total of three million tons of oil from the restored wells by ratholing.


22 September 2020
Lunch menu at the gas station

The new format of the roadside food at gas stations Belorusneft.

22 September 2020
Electrification of drilling

Belorusneft has its first electric drilling rig.

16 September 2020
Drilling and rig-up - August results

Another 21 well sites have been prepared by Belorusneft for the construction of drilling rigs.

8 September 2020
Equipment upgrade

Belorusneft cementing engineers increase productivity and quality.

8 September 2020
New achievement of workover experts

Specialists of Belorusneft have updated the ROP record for sidetracking.

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