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Available fuel
Industrial and agricultural enterprises of Vitebsk region will be provided with motor fuel in due time.


6 June 2020
Full tank

A new service is available in the network of Belorusneft fuel stations.

6 June 2020
Gas pipeline rebuilding

The 4th stage of the Belorusneft project has begun.

6 June 2020
Accelerated drilling

“Belorusneft” updated the best record of 2019 for monthly drilling.

1 June 2020
New oil

Belorusneft discovered two new oilfields in Khoiniki district of Gomel region.

1 June 2020
A new facility on Minsk ring road-2

A modern gas station-multi-complex of Belorusneft is being built on the m-14 motorway.

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