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Three million tons
“Belorusneft” has extracted total of three million tons of oil from the restored wells by ratholing.


19 April 2021
Best filling stations

Belneftekhim summed up the results of the competition among the filling stations of the concern organizations.

12 April 2021
New field

Belorusneft specialists made a gift for themselves on the Day of the geologist.

12 April 2021
Lent menu

The cafe at the Belorusneft-Gomeloblnefteprodukt filling station No. 20 prepares lean dishes.

5 April 2021
Pilot project

Belorusneft network added a new "corner shop" filling station.

5 April 2021
Assistance for EV drivers

The network of ECSs Malanka has launched a chatbot in Telegram.

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