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Power generation
Belorusneft sold the billionth kW*h of electricity, generated in-house.


14 June 2021
Import-substituting project

Belorusneft starts the usage of beam-pumping units of its own manufacture.

11 June 2021
Strategy of seismic operations

Specialists of Belorusneft started fieldwork at Saltanovka oil field.

11 June 2021
Hackathon at Belorusneft

A new competition for the young has been organized at Belorusneft.

3 June 2021
Accelerated drilling

Belorusneft has set two absolute records of daily rate of penetration among drilling crews.

3 June 2021
Gemba at gas stations

The campaign Management face to face with clients was held in Belorusneft network of gas stations.

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