Belorusneft works in two directions on the territory of Ukraine: oilfield services and oil product sales.

Oil service

Belorusneft affiliated company Service Oil, LLC was established in the Ukraine on December 27, 2012.

Major business areas:

  • Well drilling;
  • Oil and gas well workover and servicing;
  • Oilfield services including coiled tubing;
  • Reservoir engineering;
  • Hydraulic and acid fracturing
  • SKIF – radial well completion technology
  • 2D and 3D seismic exploration

Close proximity of major Belorusneft production sites to the border with the Ukraine enables quick equipment delivery and makes it possible to send the staff from Belarusian region to the country. 

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Belarusian oilmen are experienced in petroleum exploration and production especially in mature fields. They also have extensive expertise in using cutting-edge EOR technologies. 



LLC BNK-UKRAINE was registered on February 16, 2010. The company is exclusive exporter of oil products of OJSC Naftan and OJSC Mozyr refineries (Belarusian state enterprises). Its founders are – CJSC Belarusian oil company BNK and RUE Belorusneft Industrial association.

The principal objective of LLC BNK-UKRAINE is to organize wholesale and retail trade of high quality oil products and liquefied gas of Belarusian production in the Ukraine.

To organize retail supply of oil products in the Ukraine the company uses the network of proprietary bulk plants and a fleet of LPG and petrol truck tanks. Oil product delivery by client transport is also possible.

BNK-UKRAINE plans to sale oil products through its filling stations.

LLC BNK-UKRAINE is a member of Association of operators of the Ukraine oil product market and also a member of the European business association (EBA).

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