Petroleum sales company Beloil Polska Sp. z.o.o. operates in Poland.

It was registered on October 29, 2010 in Warsaw (Poland) as a subsidiary of Belorusneft.

In March 2011, the leading Belarusian oil exporter CJSC Belarusian Oil Company became a co-founding partner of Beloil Polska.

The main Beloil Polska business is large-scale and small-scale wholesale of high-quality petroleum products and liquefied gas produced in Belarus in Poland and other EU countries.

Beloil Polska sells diesel fuel in small wholesale lots (with an option of delivery to end users) from the storage facilities of the state operating company OLPP in Malaszewicze and Narevka, which are located near the border with Belarus, and also form the terminals in the center of Poland: Emelianov, Kalushki, Volya Zhedinska. Liquefied natural gas is sold at the “Alexandra” terminal in Malaszewicze.

Company plans include starting shipments of diesel through the sea ports of Poland and widening the range of the products sold.

Beloil Polska is open to mutually beneficial cooperation. It is looking for long term partners from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to buy oil products and LPG from and in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and other EU countries to sell our products to.

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