Belorusneft is represented in Ecuador in oil production and oilfield services since December 2012, when our branch office was registered in this country.

In 2013 Belorusneft founded a subsidiary company in Ecuador – Service Oil Ecuador (Ecuaservoil).

Main Belorusneft businesses in Ecuador:

  • Oil field exploration and development;
  • Seismic exploration, data processing and interpretation;
  • Implementing cutting-edge technologies in reservoir management and EOR;
  • Well drilling and workover;
  • Other oilfield services;

Belorusneft seismic crew has been working in Ecuador since 2013. It has modern seismic recording systems at its disposal.

In 2015 we successfully completed a contract with Petroamazonas – the state oil company of Ecuador for 3D seismic shooting and data processing of prospective license blocks 31 and 12 in the area of 1 500 sq. km. At the moment, work is underway to register for blocks 11 and 18, an area of 2000 sq. km.

In the future we are planning to increase the volume of 3D and 2D seismic surveys on the prospective areas of south-eastern oil-bearing region of the country.

Starting March 2015 Ecuaservoil has been implementing a set of services for production optimization, EOR and exploration at Armadilo oil field (Block 55) under the contract with Petroamazonas. In 2016-2018 is planned to drill 9 producing, 1 injection and 2 exploration wells within the project.

Since 2014, the company is involved in a joint project of exploration and development of license block No. 28. The service contract with the Secretariat for Hydrocarbons of Ecuador for the development was signed on April 16, 2015. The project is implemented in by a consortium of state oil companies of 3 countries: Petroamazonas (Ecuador), ENAP (Chile) and Belorusneft (Belarus).

In 2016 we have managed to boost the export of oilfield services to Ecuador and expand their scope.

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