Available fuel

Industrial and agricultural enterprises of Vitebsk region will be provided with motor fuel in due time.

Completion of a full-scale reconstruction of a storage base in Novopolotsk made it possible for “Belorusneft” to give such guarantees. This storage base, as well as Mozyr storehouse of “Belorusneft” differs drastically from the others in the country due to the fact that it is connected with the refinery OJSC “Naftan” via product pipeline.

Storehouse capacity has been increased 3.5 times. If prior to reconstruction the storage turnover was equal to 100 thou. t of oil products per year, now annual outputs of the reconstructed facility may be increased up to 350 thou.t. This will allow to increase efficiency of provision of agricultural enterprises and gas-filling stations of the western part of Vitebsk region as well as oil-refining enterprises of Minsk, Mogilev and Grodno region with oil products.

Reconstruction of the Novopolotsk storage base took 2 years but there were no work stoppages at that time. During this period, besides changes of quantitative indicators and repair of ancillary buildings, utility network structures, modern equipment was assembled, technological procedures of acceptance, storage and metering of light oil products were automated. Such reconstruction guarantees the accuracy of the ordered amount of oil products and speed of delivery for the recipient. And the assembly for tank vapor recovery during filling operations made it possible to improve the ecological parameters of the facility.