Belarusian Oil Research and Design Institute BelNIPIneft

The institute was established in 1967. It has been part of Belorusneft since 1991.

Core businesses:

  • exploration of hydrocarbon deposits;
  • processing and interpretation of seismic and well data;
  • preparing prospective targets for exploratory drilling;
  • geological and geophysical support for drilling wells;
  • estimation of oil and gas reserves;
  • development and maintenance of databases;
  • oilfield geology and hydrogeology;
  • development of oil and gas deposits;
  • development of reservoir geological and simulation models;
  • studying physical and chemical properties of formation fluids;
  • techniques and technologies of oil recovery stimulation and improvement;
  • oil production techniques and technologies;
  • oil automation and control systems; equipment, instruments;
  • well design and drilling; drilling fluids;
  • design of oil field facilities construction;
  • labor and production management;
  • environmental protection.

Director: Alexander Tsybrankov.

Address: 15a Knizhnaya Street, Gomel, 246003, Republic of Belarus.

Reception: +375 (232) 79-37-47, 79-32-31 (fax).