Republican Unitary Enterprise Belorusneft-Trans (State Enterprise Belorusneft-Trans)

Established on March 31-st, 2015 on the base of two production departments: Belorusneft-Mozyrneftepostavka and Belorusneft-Novopolotskneftepostavka.
Main activities:

  • Reception of hydrocarbons supplied by railway or pipeline to JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery and JSC Naftan, sending it to processing;
  • Raw and finished products accounting from the resources of customers, placed in tanks of Belarusian oil refineries, and as the representative of customers;
  • Planning and coordination of transportation of oil products from railway administrations, ordering and selection of the rolling stock, payment of railway tariff and other additional services of the Belarusian railway on arrival / departure of cargo;
  • Marking of railway carriages, in accordance with the Rules of transportation of dangerous goods, tanks sealing;
  • Registration of the complete set of transport and shipping documents of domestic and international models;
  • Execution of the required customs procedures for the import of raw materials and export of petroleum products;
  • Registration of certificates of origin in the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce;
  • Providing the customers with the operational information and reporting of manufactured shipments of petroleum products in the agreed form in electronic and paper documents, with the expenses for transport operations and services;
  • Shipment of petroleum products and liquefied gas for export by road;
  • Transshipment of oil products in the river port of Mozyr, shipment of  oil by waterway for the domestic market and for export.

The director: Gennady Prakhotsky.
Address: Str. Knizhnaya, 15 B, Gomel, 246003, Republic of Belarus.
+375 (232) 02.09.79, +375 (232) 79-02-75 (fax).