Belorussian Gas Processing Plant

Commissioned in 1976.

Main activities:

  • associated gas processing;
  • imported raw materials processing (broad fraction of light hydrocarbons);
  • electric power generation.

Manufactured products:

  • liquefied gas of the autogas grade;
  • stable natural gasoline (SNG);
  • tail gas;
  • electric power.

The shipment of liquefied gas is done from Belarusian gas processing plant

  • the quality of the products corresponds to GOST 27578-87 (hydrocarbon liquefied gases for motor transport);
  • auto- and railway scales;
  • customs control zone in the territory of the plant;
  • electronic bill of entry submission system without visiting the customs clearance post;
  • proximity to the market: Ukraine.

Director: Sergei Pashkov.

Address: Rechitsa, Gomel region, 247500, Republic of Belarus.

Reception: +375 (2340) 5-12-12, +375 (2340) 5-12-57 (fax).