Department of Communication and Information Technologies

Established in 2009 via the merger of the Production and technical department of communications (1969) and Production department of information technologies (1977).

Main activities:

– Set of information services:

• development and operation of information infrastructure for the provision to users and different program systems of the services of transfer, processing and storage of data;

• development, implantation and support of software;

• creation of complex systems of the management of enterprises;

• development, implantation and maintenance of automated control systems of fuel stations;

• creation, implantation and maintenance of information protection systems;

• servicing of computers, office appliances, observation and access control systems;

• training of users;

• printing services.

– Construction and maintenance of networks, communication and data transfer systems:

• copper and fibre-optical carriers;

• FM radio networks;

• trunked radio systems;

• radio-relay lines;

• repeating and cross-connect equipment;

• microcellular systems;

• radio-monitoring and measuring complexes;

• satellite and IP-terminals;

• audio and video conference systems.

Manager: Dmitry Shenets.

Address: 9 Rogachevskaya Str., Gomel, 246003, Republic of Belarus.

Reception: +375 (232) 79-34-52, 79-36-36 (fax).