Department of Oilfield and Drilling Services

Established in 1979.

Main activities:

  • preparation of tubing and pump rods;
  • complete overhaul of drilling and oil production equipment;
  • metal working;
  • metal construction manufacturing;
  • manufacture of load handling devices (slings);
  • flaw detection survey for pipes, hoisting devices, vessels and reservoirs;
  • repair of technical devices applied on dangerous production units (vessels, reservoirs, tanks, containers for motor transportation of dangerous cargo).

Acting head: Andrei Diomidov.

Address: 2477541 Belarus, Gomel region, Rechitsa district, Peresvyatovskiy village council (Selsoviet), 34.

Reception: +375 (2340) 5-26-46, 5-26-43 (fax).