Belarusian paramilitary militarized unit for blowout prevention of initiation and elimination of open gas blowouts and oil spouters and fighting

The unit was established in 1967.

Major areas of operation:

  • blowout prevention;
  • blowout mitigation
  • complex emergency repair works in gas-laden atmosphere, rescue and evacuation of people from oil and gas wells and other explosion/fire hazardous installations, provision of first aid to emergency victims;
  • localization of oil spills and spills of oil products on the surface and in the water;
  • maintenance of constant operational readiness of the paramilitary crew for emergency prevention and response;
  • examination of engineering and technological documentation related to prevention and elimination of gas blowouts and oil spouters.

Unit commander: Yuri Grishkevich.

Address: Major production facilities, Rechitsa, Gomel Region, 247500, Republic of Belarus.

Phone: +375 (2340) 2-34-76.