Social responsibility

Social responsibility of Belorusneft  is not only strict adherence to laws, timely allocation of taxes to the budget, promotion of socio-economic development of territories of its presence, but also creation of safe working environment for its employees, providing them with a decent wage and provision of social guarantees.

Social responsibility of Belorusneft industrial association as an employer implies favourable and safe condition provision, career advancement opportunities of the employees, high pay rate, and social safeguards.

As a business partner our company guarantees high quality of the services and products, fair relationship based on mutual understanding and respect for interests and values.

As a member of social relations Belorusneft contributes to the social-economic development of its territories, environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources. Modernization, site renovation, modern high technologies application ensures efficiency increase and at the same time reduces significantly negative industrial impact on the environment.

The company cooperates with the regional authorities and civil society organizations involved in social and charitable programs. These programs pay attention to improvement of human settlements, assistance to agriculture industry, cultural, educational and health institutions, participation in restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments and religious objects.

Belorusneft sponsors Belarusian biathlon and handball teams, as well as Gomel football club, Vedrich-97 football club (Rechitsa) and Himik football club (Svetlogorsk).