Production decline mitigation

Company vision determined our investment strategy for 2016-2025. The priority investment target is an integrated Program aimed at reducing conventional oil production decline and stabilizing annual petroleum production at the planned level.

The program is supposed to be financed with internal and borrowed funds.

Key directions of the Program are:

  • Intensifying reserve development by exploration;
  • Improving difficult-to-recover resources extraction efficiency in the producing fields.
  • Introducing state-of-the-art EOR and production stimulation technologies.

Exploration program includes:

  • Oil and gas reservoir search at depths up to 13 500 ft.;
  • Drilling exploration and appraisal wells up to 21 000 ft. deep to estimate oil and gas content of submerged zones of Pripyat Trough and explore light oil and gas condensate potential in complex traps;
  • Wide use of high resolution wide asimuthal and multicomponent 3D seismic  exploration along with cutting-edge processing and interpretation methods;
  • Assessing Belarus shale and tight gas potential.

To find and recover remaining reserves the Program introduces modern reservoir management methods based on geological and simulation models. To enhance the recovery of difficult reserves we are:

  • Organizing a formation pressure maintenance system in low energy reservoirs  including among other things drilling new injection wells;
  • Improving the quality of new wells by equipping drilling rig fleet with modern home-made high-capacity rigs with variable frequency top drive;
  • Drilling multilateral wells construction, horizontally ended wells construction;
  • Doing well workover by sidetracking;
  • Introducing telemetric well path control systems with fluid communication channel;
  • Testing and implementing coiled tubing technologies for directional drilling, underbalanced drilling, completion, logging and flow tests;
  • Creating a network of deeply extending flow channels network for production stimulation (SKIF technology);
  • Using modern cementing technologies, new muds and cement slurries, compositions and chemicals for water shutoff treatment.

Belorusneft is planning to introduce new EOR and production stimulation technologies:

  • Alternate recovery – injection pattern;
  • Dual completion and injection operations;
  • Tertiary EOR methods (chemical, thermal and thermogas stimulation, water and gas injection including nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon gas)
  • Multistage hydraulic and acid fracturing;
  • Seismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing.