Science and engineering

Belorusneft engineering centre bases on two divisions which are Belarusian research and design oil institute (BelNIPIneft) and affiliated branch Belorusneft-Neftekhimproject.


BelNIPIneft is one of the leading institutions of the oil industry in the CIS countries solving the issues related to search, exploration and development of oil and gas fields. It is providing Belarusian oil industry with scientific and technical products, engineering services, tackles oil production issues for domestic and foreign companies. BelNIPIneft Institute is a structural part of Belorusneft association since 1991.

BelNIPIneft offers high-technology engineering services including development of programs for field operations, adaptation of technologies, laboratory and hydrodynamic research, assisted implementation and field supervision of work performance. 

BelNIPIneft scientific research results are patented and registered as inventions. They have been successfully implemented in the Belarusian oil region and beyond. BelNIPIneft have developed technologies such as maintaining reservoir pressure in gas-condensate reservoirs, development and maintenance of multilateral wells using coiled tubing and downhole equipment, sidetracking with coiled tubing, including underbalanced drilling, multiple-indicator reservoir studies, extended and selective reservoir treatment.

BelNIPIneft is engaged into innovational scientific development and successfully introduces its inventions inBelarusand outside its borders. For the recent five years there have been 110 applications for an invention filed in the republic andRussian Federation, 90 patents have been obtained.

Institute laboratory facilities are fitted with high-technology equipment and appliances which include:

  • PVT FLUID EVAL Vinci Technologies unit for physical and chemical properties study of formation fluids;
  • Mettler Toledo titrators, densiometer, analytical scales;
  • Oxford Instruments sulfur-in-oil analyzer;
  • Thermo Electron Corporation sulfur in sour oil analyzer;
  • Tanaka SL analyzers of fractional oil content and sour oil;
  • Walter Herzog GmbH analyzers for pour, blush, maximum filtration temperature, kinematic viscosity testing of oil and sour oil;
  • Agilent 1200 chromatography recorder, Agilent 7890 with mass detector, Agilent 6410 QQQ (Triple quadrupole);
  • Dionex ICS-3000 ion chromotograph ;
  • Horiba LA-950 lazer particle analyzer;
  • Physica MCR 301 Anton Paar rotary rheometer;
  • Kruss K 100 МК2, KRUSS DSA 100 E, SVT 20N, DataPhysics Instruments GmbH tensiometers;
  • texturometer;
  • Autoflood-700 Vinci Technologies devices for straining action study of original core sample.

Recent versions of modern software of leading global producers are applied in designing and modeling.

All of this enables broad range of scientific and technological research. Its results affect design choice on development, technological research and implementation, EOR, updating of methods of drilling, oil production and transportation.

BelNIPIneft has developed and implemented a number of technologies, among which:

  • Maintenance of reservoir pressure at condensate pools;
  • Development and remedial maintenance of multi-lateral wells using downhole equipment and coiled tubing;
  • Sidetracking using coiled tubing, including underbalanced drilling;
  • Polyindicator formation evaluation;
  • Extensive and selective reservoir stimulation.

By the beginning of 2013 the staff of BelNIPIneft included:

  • 105 research engineers;
  • 400 engineers;
  • 14 PhDs.
  • 2 Doctors of science;


  • Calculation of oil and gas reserves;
  • Deliverables preparation;
  • Wellwork integrated programme development;
  • SKAD system integration (oilwell control system);
  • Fluid flow tracking;
  • Adaptation and implementation of new technologies for enhanced oil recovery.


The works performed by BelNIPIneft institute have been certified to correspond to the international standard ISO 9001-2008 as well as Belarusian standard (STB) ISO 14001-2005. Some laboratories of the institute have obtained special accreditation.

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Republican affiliated unitary enterprise Belorusneft-Neftechimproject (State enterprise Belorusneft-Neftechimproject)

The state enterprise dominates in the area of storage objects designing, transportation and sales of oil product as well as liquefied hydrocarbon gases in Belarus. The affiliated branch has been operating since 1987.

The enterprise`s experts are professional architects, competent design engineer, designers, that have extensive experience in project development of any complexity.

Core activities:

  • Elaboration of all project documentation divisions for hazardous production facilities: petroleum storage depots, gas filling stations providing aftersale services, café and shop;
  •  Diagnostic studies and measurements;
  •  Special project documentation divisions elaboration;
  •  Environmental safety measures elaboration;
  •  Fire safety measures elaboration;
  •  General designer function execution;
  •  Work on process control systems of oil storage facilities ranging from project design, pre-commissioning activities previous to professional training, operating process control system.

Designing is carried out in conformity with quality management system STB ISO 9001-2009.

The Certificate for design work in theRussian Federationwas issued in 2012 (dd. 17.12.2012 No. ИП-209-707).

Participation in designing beyond Belarusian borders

In 2013 the state enterprise carries out renovation projects of filling stations for LLC Kurskoblnefteproduct (Kursk) and OJSC Ryazannefteproduct, performed the design study of Tver petroleum base for CJSC RN-Tver.

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